A native Texan, Jimmy Harwell embodies the best of the spirit of the old west. Born in 1946, he was raised on a ranch near Wimberley. His great, great grandfather, William Henry Harrison, helped settle Alpine, Texas after the Civil War. Jimmy Harwell sculptures range from public pieces to those residing in numerous private collections, including that of Kurt Vonnegut.

His work is often utilitarian - for instance, furniture as a functional art form or a beautiful gate - and is both architecturally significant and artistic. He welcomes custom orders.

"As I  heat, bend, and work steel or pour bronze, I try to create something that goes to the core of who or what we are.

I use the shape of a horse or a Great Blue Heron or a tree or a woman as a way to express what it is that makes a life.

Art has a mysterious way of revealing itself and my eyes have always been drawn to the gentle curves of hot steel. With steel rods you can get outside curves and inside curves, just as  everything in nature has outside or inside curves.

All the work I do comes from my head, my heart and my hands. With the help of my wife Annabel, I design and produce each piece of metal art at our studio/workshop outside of Wimberley."

- Jimmy Harwell


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