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For the next six weeks, Jimmy will be building one of his favorites.....a rose gate. It will have over 50 steel roses in varying stages from bud to mature bloom. The 6 foot x 6 foot frame has a center break, a custom red-bird latch and custom hinges. The roses climb with hand-forged leaves & vines to the arched upper frame. The natural steel (bluish-grey) will have a clear satin finish. All work is by hand; no componant parts are used. Installation is planned for the middle of August.

Sculpture in progress is "Chico", a life-size horse out of steel rod. He stands proudly on all four; his neck is muscle & arch; his face strong & kind. The open rod work & use of negative space evoke thoughts of mortality and life; the finely rendered head, face, hooves & forelegs speak of many miles run, courage, & our history together.

For work-in-progress photos of these or other pieces, please send us your email or mailing address & thank-you for your interest & support.

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